It is unfortunate that nature is slowly getting destroyed.   Man's over exploitation of the world's resources is taking a heavy on the environment, rendering habitat of wild animals, fish and birds inhabitable, killing thousands of wildlife species.   Many more that are in danger of disappearing altogether has been placed in endangered species watch lists, supposedly enjoying protection from governments and local and international non-government organizations.  


Some of these organizations from http://conservancy.bc.ca/tag/wilderness-international-canada/ are helping in establishment of wildlife protected areas while others are engaged in encouraging governments to pass legislation and conducting campaigns to raise the awareness of the public about the pressing need to protect the environment and to encourage them to do something. 


The fight for the conservation of the wilderness has been going on for decades.  Although the going is  often difficult with  many vested  interests such as  mining and  logging  companies providing stiff  opposition NGOs  are plodding forward , determined to put to stop the destructive  practices and reverse the current state of the environment. 


If you love outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, you'd want the natural state of mountains to be preserved.  There is nothing too small that you can do to help.  You can help by just making sure that you do not harm any living thing while you are enjoying the fresh air and the spectacular sites. But if you want to do more, you can join one of the many non-organizations that whose mission is to preserve wildlife. One of them is Mountain Wilderness International with chapters in about 20 countries.  It main task is coordinate activities of the various chapters.  The organization from https://www.facebook.com/MountainWildernessInternational/ implements various programs seeking to maintain wilderness the way they are, a place where man can enjoy nature.



If you are from Canada and eager to contribute something that will preserve nature, you do not have to go anywhere else.  There is a Wilderness International Canada chapter and you can simply visit its web site. You will see in its web site some of its programs. As a mountaineer yourself, you will be particularly interested in its high altitudes camps, route cleaning and wildlife protection activities. Not only will learn a thing or two about camp and route maintenance.  You will learn about ecological mountaineering    which all lovers of nature should learn. You will be glad that while you are enjoying the wilderness, you are also helping to preserve it.